Women’s Fellowship

All women of our church are considered members of the Women’s Fellowship. The Women’s Fellowship meets monthly.  We invite you to please join us!  We look forward to seeing you!

We usually meet around 11 a.m. for lunch, which could be “Dutch Treat” sub-sandwiches, or pizza, or it could be a delicious casserole or home made soup and, of course, we always enjoy the homemade desserts, which our members offer to provide.  During this time, we enjoy wonderful fellowship with each other, sharing experiences, and stories about our children, etc.  After lunch, we have a short devotion, with members who volunteer to provide a reading, scripture and prayer.  Following that, we have our meeting, where we always look for ways to help do the work of our church.   In the past, we have provided funds towards Camp Dubois scholarships,  new carpeting,  paid for a professional window cleaner to clean all the windows in our buildings, Christmas gifts for church personnel and members living in nursing home facilities,  just to name a few.  There are many things we have helped with during the years, thanks to two annual fundraisers, a “bakeless bake sale” and a raffle.   Our group sends Get-Well and Sympathy cards on behalf of our church family to members of our church.  We also underwrite the expense and send a series of booklets, entitled “Journey Through Grief”, to members who have experienced a loss of a spouse, child, parent, sister or brother.  Also, if requested by a member of our church family, we serve a luncheon after the funeral in our fellowship hall.  While we bring some side dishes, the main course is provided by the family. 

PresidentPat Garleb
Vice PresidentGloria Goldschmidt
SecretaryPatsy Hoffmann
TreasurerJudy Wallace
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